​      Point’s Structure:

​     Dates:

     Regular Rounds

  • Round 1: MAY 8 - Saturday morning
  • Round 2: MAY 15 - Saturday morning
  • Round 3: MAY 22 - Saturday morning (Scattered Tees Challenge)
  • Round 4: JUNE 6 - Sunday afternoon
  • Round 5: JUNE 12 - Saturday morning 
  • Round 6: JUNE 26 - Saturday morning
  • Round 7: JULY 3 - Saturday morning (7 Club Challenge)
  • Round 8: JULY 10 - Saturday morning
  • Round 9: JULY 25 - Sunday morning


      Playoff Rounds

  • Round 1: AUGUST 7 - Saturday morning
  • Round 2: AUGUST 22 - Sunday morning
  • Round 3: SEPTEMBER 11 - Saturday morning

     Match Play Event

  • SEPTEMBER 19 - Sunday morning


​​New for 2021:

  • Scattered Tee Box challenge on May 22nd. This round will be played with 6 holes from the blue tees, 6 holes from the white tees and 6 holes from the red tees. The tees we play from for each hole will be determined that day by the committee.
  • 7 Club Challenge on July 3rd. For this event each player will be allowed to play with only 7 clubs of their choosing. The clubs they choose will have to be reported to the committee that morning and will be the only 7 clubs they are allowed to have in their bag. (Putter counts as 1 club)



  • 1st Place = $500
  • 2nd Place = $300
  • 3rd Place = $250
  • 4th Place = $200​
  • 5th Place = $150
  • 6th Place = $100
  • 7th Place = $75
  • 8th Place = $25


  • $120 Entry Fees. Includes cost of website.
  • $60 for KP's payable at the first round. This is non-refundable and left over money will be used at season end appetizers.
  • Green Fees payable at courses.

​      Rules:

  • New handicap System. - Uses only Sandbagger tournament round scores. The Sandbagger club will maintain the new handicap system and handicaps will be posted on website after each round. 
  • A maximum of 20 scores will be maintained on the handicap system. An average of the lowest 8 rounds within the 20 rounds is used for the handicap index.
  • Any new player with an existing handicap will play their lowest cap from that handicap through the first year including playoffs, unless his handicap goes lower according to the clubs scoring system after a minimum of 4 rounds. His handicap can never go above his original starting handicap for that season. In their second year in the Sandbagger they will use the Sandbagger handicap system.
  • Any new player without an established handicap will play their first 8 rounds with Sandbagger at a 0 handicap after which they will use the Sandbagger handicap system. This is to build a scoring history.
  • No MAX handicap.
  • USGA rules to apply (Local course rule will override).
  • Course handicap to be used.
  • All players play assigned tees by the committee prior to the round.
  • Tournament dates are permanent (non-negotiable).
  • 9 regular rounds followed by 3 Playoff rounds. Season ending Match Play event.
  • All players must play a minimum of 5 regular season rounds to qualify for the playoff rounds.
  • Best 7 out of the first 9 rounds will count. Playoff rounds are mandatory. A no show will be awarded 0 points.
  • Points quadrupled in Playoff rounds.
  • Bonus points every time a player beats his course Handicap.
  • All correspondence will be via email.
  • Tee time foursomes set by Net score from previous tournament for the first 9 rounds; bottom 4 in 1st group, next 4 in 2nd group and so on (First round groupings will be drawn out of a hat).
  • Tee time foursomes for Playoff rounds set by your total points standings.